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Reliable Tire Repair in Cedar Rapids, IA

Got tire troubles? Turn to the Cedar Rapids tire shop you can depend on. Stop by your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for quick, quality tire repair in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Get Your Tire Repaired, Patched or Plugged in Cedar Rapids, IA

Tire issues leave you searching for "flat tire repair near me?" Don't hesitate to find a nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care in Cedar Rapids. Perhaps your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light is on, your tire looks low on air, or you hear a hissing sound from air leaking around the rim. No matter the situation, visit us with your car, and one of our expert tire technicians will perform an assessment and tell you if a tire repair is needed. In the event it is, we'll separate the tire and rim to look at the tire's interior prior to repairing. You might need a basic tire patch-plug combo, or a replacement tire valve stem. And, many of our tire shops are open late and on weekends because we know flat tires never occur at a convenient time.

Tire Replacement in Cedar Rapids, IA

Not every tire can be safely repaired. Standards within the industry allow for the repair of punctures no bigger than 1/4" in diameter and within the tire's tread area. It can't be safely repaired if the tire has suffered internal damage or the holes are in the shoulder or sidewall. You also can't repair tires that have bigger tread punctures and some gashes and cuts. When it's time to replace tires, your local Firestone Complete Auto Care carries a wide selection of tires in Cedar Rapids, IA for you to pick from, including summer, winter, touring, performance, light truck, highway, run-flat, all-season, all-terrain tires, and more! You'll also find your favorite tire brands, including Firestone, SureDrive, and Bridgestone.

Experience Reliable Tire Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Where rubber meets the street, Firestone Complete Auto Care has you covered with quality tires and years of experience in caring for them. We don't stop at tire repairs in Cedar Rapids. We also offer tire balancing, rotation, mounting, wheel alignment, and free tire inspections. To help extend the life of your tires and improve their performance, head to a nearby tire shop the moment you notice an issue. Schedule an appointment or visit us today for tire services in Cedar Rapids, IA you can trust!

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Careers - Become a Teammate

Careers - Become a Teammate

Want your work to make a difference? When you're part of the Firestone Complete Auto Care Crew, it can! Not only will you join a nationwide team of passionate auto technicians, service specialists, and retail professionals, but you’ll also help motorists keep their cars and tires in tip-top shape. Plus, you’ll enjoy various industry-leading perks, including competitive pay, performance-based incentives, paid training, and healthcare benefits. Call 877-734-9512, or text BRIDGESTONE to 97211* to apply. Click below to find job opportunities at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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