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Engine Repair Services in Tupelo, MS

When it comes to engine repair, things are best left to the pros. The expert technicians at your local Tupelo, MS Firestone Complete Auto Care are here to help restore your engine to its full potential.

Start With a Tune-Up in Tupelo, MS

Normal wear and tear, poor maintenance, lubrication problems, overheating. So many things can cause car engine problems. With routine engine maintenance, you can help avoid engine problems and help keep your engine working as expected. Come to your nearby Firestone Complete Auto Care and pick one of three car tune-ups in Tupelo. Standard tune-ups include idle/timing set when required, expert installation of durable spark plugs, and a visual engine inspection. With the second tune-up, you receive fuel filter and air filter replacement. The third comes with a fuel system cleaning, which removes carbon deposits on the intake valves and debris from the injectors while treating the fuel system. If your car or truck seems like it's running a little rough, it could be time to get an engine tune-up  in Tupelo, MS.

Get Tupelo, MS Engine Repair You Can Depend On

Some people don't care who works on their vehicle. But for others, it couldn't matter more. These folks count on Firestone Complete Auto Care for engine repair in Tupelo, MS. Our highly qualified technicians have cared for car engines for years. Since 1926, we've serviced over 500 million vehicles. Whether the Check Engine Light is glowing or your engine keeps stalling, give us a visit in Tupelo for complete engine care. Timing belt to mass air flow sensor, thermostat to spark plug. You get better performance and car care from Firestone!

Your Engine Is in Good Hands With Our Tupelo, MS Technicians

We do our best to keep engine repair costs low. In addition to our cost-effective service offers, you get the Firestone Fixed Right Guarantee. With it, we promise to you that the repair and tune-up services we complete will be done right the first time. We offer more than car tune-ups and are the place to come for everything you need to invest in your car's long-term health, which includes batteries, wheel alignments, oil changes, brake services, and tire repair. We're among the best engine repair shops in Tupelo, and so much more. Make an appointment at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care to experience it yourself!

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Careers - Become a Teammate

Careers - Become a Teammate

Want your work to make a difference? When you're part of the Firestone Complete Auto Care Crew, it can! Not only will you join a nationwide team of passionate auto technicians, service specialists, and retail professionals, but you’ll also help motorists keep their cars and tires in tip-top shape. Plus, you’ll enjoy various industry-leading perks, including competitive pay, performance-based incentives, paid training, and healthcare benefits. Call 877-734-9512, or text BRIDGESTONE to 97211* to apply. Click below to find job opportunities at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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