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Welcome to Firestone Complete Auto Care at 4601 Central Ave Ne! Whether you need extensive repair work or just a quick checkup, come in today or schedule an appointment.

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Professional Auto Repair From Firestone Complete Auto Care

Welcome to Firestone Complete Auto Care, where we have offered top quality car and truck repair since our beginning in 1926. If your car seems to be running differently, our auto care teammates can offer a 19-point inspection, at no cost to you. We'll examine oil level, suspension, belts, and more. Plus, we're dedicated to offering the most consistent service on the market, all at reasonable prices and quick turnaround times. Visit our location today or plan your appointment online or by calling (505) 835-7810.

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After 90 years of automotive repair, there's almost no car or truck problem we haven't seen. At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we strive to provide exceptional car repair service. Our services are backed by our Fixed Right Guarantee, which means the service or repair is fixed correctly the first time. If it's not, we'll re-perform it at no cost to you. We know there's never a good time to get your car fixed, so we do our absolute best to make your total auto care experience stress-free.

Customer Reviews

(3.8 of 5) - 10 Reviews
5/ 5stars
on December 9, 2016
Francisco and his team are always helpful and attentive. We have used this Firestone store for years. I called in the morning to tell them what I needed, they made sure they had the part before I dropped off the car.
5/ 5stars
on December 7, 2016
Great service, Fast, friendly. They went above and beyond of what i was expecting.
5/ 5stars
on November 22, 2015
A little over a week ago, I made the dreaded realization that my right rear tire was flat. Upon arriving at my neighborhood Firestone store, I learned that not only was the tire DOA, but I'd have to buy four new ones (something that car dealers neglect to tell us first-time AWD purchasers)! Ugh. The news was unexpected and came at not-a-great time, financially. Gratefully, Francisco Maldonado cared enough to acknowledge my anxiety, and worked diligently to find me the best, most affordable solution to my dilemma. He, as well as the store manager, Tim, acted like they had all the time in the world to not only help me decide on the repairs, but actually explain to me how the parts of my car functioned, and why they were needed. Speaking as a woman who has experienced the inevitable "mansplaining" from car salesmen and mechanics over the years, I absolutely valued the experience of being treated as an intelligent equal. I'm lucky that I live close enough to walk to and from the store, which is admittedly why I originally started going there. However, this last trip, in particular, increased my loyalty to the shop...I should mention that this is no small thing, since I'm a fervent believer in shopping local and try to invest my money in individual, locally-owned businesses as much as possible. But the considerate attitude of the employees, along with the reasonable price and trustworthy repairs, made all the difference in feeling like I was spending my money at a neighborhood shop. Getting new tires doesn't exactly feel the same as getting a new haircut, but they sure do provide me with a sense of security out on the road. Thanks to the staff at Store # 13277 for getting me back out there, and treating me with such kindness and respect! Cheers! Ariel Bickel PS -- Please forgive me if I remembered names of the staff wrong. PPS -- Please add links to your store websites so that we customers can know who we're dealing with at our local shops. I think it would be a great thing to do, to acknowledge all your staff as professionals, and to help us connect with them.
1/ 5stars
on November 17, 2015
took my car with a slow leak, driving for several weeks, using a can of fix a flat to allow that, to this shop. told that shop repairs flat tire free of charge. thinking, how nice, what a good business customer relations!!!!after some time, mechanic comes telling me, that they can not fix the tire, and I should authorize putting a new tire instead! why?, Because a fix had been used in it . took the car out of the shop immediately and repaired it near by for $7! wonder how many people would fall for this tactic, letting them to sell them an unnecessarily a new tire, say around $250-$300 plus!!!
5/ 5stars
on November 1, 2015
The car service I received has improved my vehicles performance and the great customer service was excellent.
4/ 5stars
on October 24, 2015
close by, well-informed technicians, great advice, and I got the appointment when I wanted it. The only thing is it took a bit longer than I had hoped, but overall it was great.
2/ 5stars
on September 22, 2015
I came here to get my brakes replaced. They did a good job on it, and I got a decent price, but they took forever to get it done. For the time that it took, I will definitely be going somewhere else next time, because there are other companies out there that are just as competitive and that will do it in less time.
5/ 5stars
on August 9, 2015
As an Uber driver I appreciate the high level of maintenance that Firestone provides. They also offer a bunch of other services which is nice since they are generally pretty cheap. They go the extra mile for me and I love it.
5/ 5stars
on May 9, 2015
The staff is very informative,friendly with work hard ethics. They fixed my car problem and proceeded to inform me of other work that was needed on my car. There caring and non pushy attitude was a pleasant and welcoming. Over all 10+ rating experience! This is the place to go for your car!!
1/ 5stars
on February 25, 2015
Not happywith their service and won't go back. They were grasping at straws without being able to identify the problem. It was most likely a loose switch, but they wanted to change alll parts and charge for everything. Shifty employees in my opinion.

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